Advertise With Us

Dear Potential Advertiser,

Thank you for taking the time to consider advertising on Trident10TV (MCTV Channel 116 and Digicel Play Channel 10). We pride ourselves in having a structure that supports our advertisers while maintaining a strong commitment to responsible programming.



  1. Trident10TV is a developmental platform for the advancement of Barbadian film and television programs. It will carry a minimum of 50% locally produced content in full HD.
  2. Our primary demographic is males and females between 18 – 49 however we carry a wide variety of content for all ages.
  3. We are purposed and positioned to share this content to the world and we aim to establish mutually beneficial relationships built on cooperative trust that will increase the benefits to our advertisers.
  4. We can also manage Live or Pre-recorded Pay-Per-View events as well as Video On Demand.



  1. The process is simple. Meet or speak with one of our Account Managers who can suggest the most suitable programs or times for your brand or product. We offer co-produced programming options where your brand can become attached to specific shows, segments, public service announcements etc.
  2. We have a 50% introductory special for advertisers to enhance the benefit to our primary partners. This allows your business to maximize the potential of advertising with Trident10TV.
  3. AD STARTER PACKAGE – If you don’t have a commercial no problem! We can make one for you from as low as $300 and you can still run it on various other platforms such as social media.
  4. Our social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other sites provides additional mileage for our advertisers via specially designed promotions and advertising.



  1. The rate sheet has a breakdown of costs according to time of day and length of time.
  2. However, the introductory rates are at 50% discount so it benefits to purchase early.
  3. The rate sheet also shows set additional discounts for bulk purchases.

We welcome you to join our community and hope that we can help your brands to maximize on exposure. Thank you again for considering our advertising platform and feel free to contact us with any questions which you may have.